Sunday, May 18, 2008

Telephone Mystery

This is rock bottom for simplicity and that is what I work for always. There is no name code and you are always ready with the simplest mental calculation. In my case, the following table is pasted on the wall just over the telephone at home. Weeks go by at a time without working it and then suddenly a call is put in with no warning at all and still I can sit pretty.

Monday AH 4C 7D 10S.
Tuesday 2H 5C 8D JS.
Wednesday 3H 6C 9D QS.
Thursday 4H 7C 10D KS.
Friday 5H 8C JD AS.
Saturday 6H 9C QD 2S.
Sunday 7H 10C KD 3S.

You will notice that the four cards in each row run according to Si Stebbins. The days of the week are numbered in order beginning at Ace. I always have two cards selected as it seems to look better. Your assistant when a call comes in, goes ac cording to what day it is; names the first two cards of that row after usual byplay to dress it up. If another call comes in the same day, use the second pair. You always know what two cards to force. Count up the day of the week on your fingers while doing the finger counting trick. In this way you know what card to start with on your system.

Force to suit yourself. Here is my usual way but not always. Get two cards on bottom, false shuffle. Have deck cut and top portion discarded. Deal from top of lower half four piles of two each. The third card each time is bottom dealt and force this with the one to four gag. If you can't force two cards, write me and I'll tell you where you can get work.

(Annemann - Buried Treasure)