Thursday, May 15, 2008

String From Neck

Effect - The magician swallows a length of thread, and then pulls it straight out of a hole in his neck!

Preparation - First, you need to get a spool of thread. Any color will work, but the more visible it is against your skin, the better, so, when I perform this effect, I usually choose black. Break off a length of thread, about 3 feet long. Now, you’re going to coat the area of you neck just below your adam’s apple (if you’re a guy), in an area about 3 inches tall, and 2 inches wide, with a thin layer of rubber cement. Make sure it’s rubber cement, and not some other kind of cement…trust me. Let the rubber cement dry, which won’t take long, and then carefully lay the thread down the middle of the cement, grab a piece of skin on each side of it, and pinch them together. The rubber cement will cause the two pieces of skin on either side of the thread to stick together, locking the thread in your neck. Now, pull down on the thread, until about only a quarter of an inch is sticking out of the top of the hole. Tuck the rest of the thread into your shirt.

Presentation- Your audience should be positioned in front of you, about 5 or 6 feet or more away. Stand with your head tilted down slightly, to hide the “scar”. Bring out the thread, and very openly, measure out a piece about 3 feet long, and break it off. Place the thread into your mouth, and start sucking it up like spaghetti. Once it is all in your mouth, work it into a little ball, and stick it into the area of your mouth between your gum and your cheek. Pretend to swallow it. Don’t really swallow the thread! Now, pause for a moment, and pretend to be concentrating. Show your hand to be empty, and then reach up, and pull straight up (up, not out) on the thread until it comes out about an inch or two, and then let go. They will see the thread and start to freak out. Reach back up, and this time, begin pulling straight out from yourself. Make the removal of the thread seem like a long, painful procedure. The longer it takes you to remove the thread, the better. As soon as you’ve pulled out all the thread, look straight up into the air and, under the guise of checking your neck for wounds, pull apart the skin, and rub off the rubber cement.