Sunday, May 25, 2008

Coin Date Prediction

I’ve added this effect in as a little bonus. It’s not as strong as the others, but I only found out about it myself the other day. You don’t get a whole script like for the other effects, so if you’re looking for that, stop reading now! I just thought I’d throw it in here as a little freebie for you!

No matter what country you live in, new coins are released from time to time. In the UK a new version of the 10p came out in 1992. This meant that in 1992, all the old style 10p coins in circulation had to be collected and new 10p coins were issued in their place. Of course new 10p coins are made every day, but the majority are dated 1992. This means that there is a very high chance that a 10p coin will be dated 1992 (although as the months go on, the effect becomes less reliable.)

If you don’t live in the UK don’t worry. Just look for a coin who’s design has changed in the last 15 years and use that. If the change is very recent, people may work it out as they will remember that it is a new design. After 5 years or so however, that will not be the case.

Just ask someone if they have a 10p coin in their wallet. Ask them to get it out and look at the date… but tell them you don’t want a coin that says 1996. (1996 was another year when a lot of 10p coins were issued, by saying you don’t want 1996 you increase you chances of being correct.)

Once they have found the coin, ask them to hold it in their fist. Then look in their eyes, read their body language pretend to do whatever fits you style so they think you are working out the date in a psychological manner. Finally reveal 1992. When I perform the trick I first say that its 1990 something, then say its an even year. Then say “Its 1992”. By revealing it in stages you get confirmation from the subject that you are right… if you are wrong then just guess!