Friday, May 16, 2008

Arm Through Body

- Effect -
the magician shoves his arm through the stomach of a spectator.

- Presentation -
Find an assistant, or even a random spectator, who is wearing a button up shirt. Have them unbutton the second button from the bottom, and untuck the back of their shirt. Walk behind your assistant, and stand with the middle of your right shoulder directly above the middle of their left shoulder. Bend down so you and your assistant are the same height, look directly at the audience, who should be positioned in front of you, for the misdirection for the next move. Push their torso forward slightly so they are leaning forward, slip your right hand into the back of their shirt, wrap your arm around their body, keeping it as close to them as possible, and in a quick, sudden move, shove your hand through the open button on their shirt. If you spread your fingers open at this point, it will give a much wider appearance, and a better illusion. Pause for a few seconds, and then, in an equally fast and abrupt motion, jerk your arm back out of their shirt, making it look like you just yanked it out of their stomach.