Friday, May 16, 2008

The Classic Force

The pack having been shuffled by a spectator, is returned to performer who takes it in right hand, at the same time casually pulling up left sleeve followed by the left hand pulling up right sleeve. When right hand with deck pulled up left sleeve, the bottom card 'of deck was easily spotted. Asking the party if they are satisfied, a pass is made and card brought to about two-thirds down in pack. A slight break is held at this spot. The thumb of left hand now runs the cards of the upper portion, fanwise, over into the right hand, the person being, at the same time, invited to take one. When about half of the upper portion has been passed, a card, NOT THE ONE TO BE FORCED, is pushed temptingly forward. The person may be inclined to take it--whether he is so inclined or not, the performer draws it back, with the remark, "Oh! not necessarily that one." This gives him confidence, and the performer continues to pass the cards over to the right hand, spreading them nicely fanwise, until he reaches the one to be forced, which he exposes a little more than usual, then continues, "Just take any one you please." It will, of course, be understood that the action must be timed, as near as possible, to meet the hand, as it is raised to draw a card.