Saturday, May 24, 2008

Black & White

The performer invites a young lady to assist in an experiment. Showing a small flat bag, the performer shows that it contains small stones in the colours black and white.

"Ancient stones, in the most opposite of all colours, sometimes allow us to test in reverse order the attraction of things."

"Using the hand most connected with your mind, not your heart, take a handful of the stones from the bag"

"Now put some back in"

"Now it’s my turn...Getting interesting isn’t it"

The performer, still holding a number of stones, turns the bag upside down and empties the rest of the stones into a glass. He strokes the bag flat on the table.

"If I told you how many stones you had, that would be just guessing. So take my stones as well"

He places his stones in her hands. "You guess on the white colour and I will try on the black. It’s my favourite colour you know."

Whatever she says, you say "Good guess!", and then name the correct number. "Count the black stones, I’ll count the white." The stones are counted and found to match in
number and equal colours.

"Strange that with such opposites, such a great attraction appears. Is it you, or me or are we both very special. Please keep two stones as a memento of this moment."

The stones from the glass are poured back into the bag, and then those from the table. You are now reset, if necessary with a different number!

The effect is created using a simple small flat change bag. In one compartment are the equal number of black and white stones. These should be less than two handfuls, as you must
be able to retrieve the remaining stones in one hand. The other compartment has stones in which one colour dominates. This gives the optical impression that something strange has happened. By replacing an equal number of the black and white tabled stones into the second compartment, you are now re-set with a different number.

As a possible alternative conclusion, whatever number she says, you just say the additional number to obtain the end result. If the total of black/white stones is say 24 and she says 15 you say "great thinking" and at the same time say 9. Then add all stones together to prove that both were right!