Friday, May 16, 2008

Card Thru Window

A card is selected and a corner is torn off and given to the spectator as a receipt to insure that no switches will take place. The card is placed in the middle of the deck. One by one, the cards are counted, to show that there are only 51 cards, and the spectator’s card is missing. On a nearby window, the spectators card is seen to have appeared, but stuck to the other side of the glass! The corner is held up to the card, and they match perfectly. Then, to offer a more visual demonstration, another card is selected, and this time, it is signed on the face. Again, the card is inserted into the middle of the deck and shuffled. Suddenly, the deck is thrown at an empty nearby window. After the cards have fallen, the signed card is seen to be stuck again on the other side of the glass. The magician then proceeds to reach through the glass and pull their card out.

Tear off one of the corners of a duplicate card and place it in your left pocket. Find a window near the area you are going to perform, and tape the card to the other side of it, with the face of the card facing where the spectators will be. Place the duplicate of that card in whatever position you like for your favorite force. I’ll assume you have one. Also, smear some clear chap stick on the base of your left thumb, and keep a Sharpie handy.

First, you need to make sure that the planted card will be behind your audience, so they won’t see it before it’s time for the reveal. Begin by forcing the duplicate card via your favorite method. Have the spectator take the card. As they are doing this, secretly, reach into your left pocket, and finger palm the torn corner. Now, tear a corner off of their card and hold it in the fingers of the left hand. Bring your left hand up to hand them the corner for them to keep, and, as you do so, pull their corner into a classic palm, as you push forward and up on the duplicate corner, and give them the duplicate corner instead. Take advantage of the misdirection of them examining the duplicate corner to slip the real corner into your pocket. Take the deck, and turn it face up. As you do this, secretly rub some of the chapstick from the base of your left thumb onto the back of the top card. Place their card on the face of the deck, and give it a cut. The chapstick will cause the two cards to stick together, hiding the torn card. Count the cards, face up, onto the hand of the spectator, showing only 51 cards, and that the spectators card has vanished. Draw attention to the window where the card is taped for the first reveal. Then, have another card freely selected and signed. Take the card, place it in the deck, and use your favorite method to control the card to the top (again, this is for advanced magician’s, so I’ll assume you have one.) After the card is on top, secretly smear the remaining chapstick across its back. Now, stand about 4 or 5 feet away from a window or glass door, and begin to throw the cards at it. You want to throw the first half of the deck as one solid block, and spring the second half, so it will force the signed card to stick to the window, but will give the appearance of randomness. The card should be appear to be stuck on the other side of the window. Walk up, and pretend to rub your hand over the glass, showing that it is really on the other side. Just keep your hand a few centimeters above the glass to avoid knocking it off. Then, without giving them time to inspect, cover the card with your left hand, reach up and grab a corner with your right hand, and slowly pull the card straight out of your hand, and towards yourself, giving the illusion that you are pulling it right through the glass.