Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Club or Stage Mental Number

Three cards are first selected separately by various people and each time assistant correctly names them. Now three more are selected by different people and as each is drawn an ordinary envelope is handed them. They are to note card, seal in envelope, collect the three, and after mixing, so no one knows which is which, to hand performer one at a time and holding same in air, assistant names card within which is verified. For the last knock-out the deck is handed to a person to put in his pocket and he is to draw out any card he chooses and hold so he only can see it. On command assistant names it.

A wonderful effect for clubs and always gets a hand at the finish. The whole thing is a force. To commence, performer has six known cards on top of deck and assistant has these memorized or written on a slip she can look at under sheet.

You false shuffle, leaving top six intact, and making pass to center. Force these cards singly, having assistant name each as selected. Before the next three cards on assistant's list is a code word which is for beginning sentence, "What" "Name" and "Tell" As each card is selected from this second three in the order written on list, performer hands person an envelope but they are finger nail nicked in the corner so performer can tell which card is in which envelope when handed him. As he takes an envelope and notes the mark he knows the card and can thus start his question with one of the three words which tells assistant which of the cards to name. Same with other two.

The last--oh, how difficult. When you have been doing this envelope test, you dropped deck in pocket, and when you do this one you take out your deck which in all &like except for the face card and have person take a card from near the center so no one can tell what it is? Try it.

(Annemann - Buried Treasure)