Friday, May 16, 2008

A Day-Time Nightmare

In this effect, the spectator apparently sees IN HIS OWN deck, a card which he finds that he has placed in his pocket several minutes before!

A fake card is needed and is made by gluing the FACE of any BLACK CARD to the back of a RED CARD (at one end only) for half an inch. the rear BLACK card is left as is. But the RED (FRONT) card is TRIMMED slightly at its outer loose end. This makes a "short" CARD, that can be found and stopped at in deck by riffling the pack. The beauty of this idea is that this "feked" double card can be ADDED TO ANY BORROWED DECK regardless of the back design--and cannot be noticed due to the handling of the deck.

Get your double card on the face of any borrowed deck. Run through cards as if counting them to see if it is a full pack.—but really to locate the single DUPLICATE of the BLACK CARD of your glued pair. Get it on TOP OF DECK.

Have an ordinary envelope examined by the owner of deck, and then have him select a card from his pack. This top card (duplicate) of deck must be "forced" and the performer can use his favorite method. I generally riffle the pack asking to have someone call "STOP" at any point. In cutting, slip TOP CARD to top of LOWER HALF and selector gets it. Or, deal a row of four cards with this card in secon dplace and force by the "between one and four"
counting method.

TELL SELECTOR NOT TO LOOK AT THE CARD HE GETS, NOR TO SHOW IT--JUST TO SEAL IT IN THE ENVELOPE AND PLACE IN HIS POCKET. Cut the deck (bringing double card near center) and turn face down. Hold pack facing him, and riffle the TOP END, telling him to say STOP at any time. Now, as the short card is near CENTER you can always stop at this spot—which stops you BETWEEN THE GLUED PAIR and leaves the BLACK CARD in view and looking at him. Ask him to REMEMBER the card stopped at. Let deck close. Turn cards face up. Openly deal the cards out, face up on the table in a pile. Tell him to stop you when he sees the card he noted. HE FINDS IT HAS VANISHED! This is due to the fact that the card he saw is GLUED TO THE BACK OF ANOTHER CARD.

And this, with his own deck, and without a single move or sleight. Then, ask him to "NAME" his card. He does so and you apparently prove that he has been dreaming. Because when he opens his envelope himself, he finds the VERY CARD HE THINKS HE JUST SAW IN HIS DECK!

( Annemann - Card Miracles )