Friday, May 16, 2008

Moving Tan Line

A tan line of a ring around your finger jumps from one finger to another, and is removed and put back on a different part of your body.

To prepare for this effect, you need some baby powder, scissors, a band aid, and a sunny day. With the scissors, cut the band aid so it is about as long as the width of one of your fingers, and about a quarter of an inch wide. Stick it to whatever part of your body you want the tan line to appear. Now, go out in the sun for a few minutes. You just want to stay out long enough for the line to appear, be careful not to get a sunburn. Make sure that the place you choose to have the tan line appear will be a naturally concealed area, such as under your shirt. Now what you’re going to do is pour a small amount of baby powder onto the middle finger of your right hand, where you would wear a ring. Rub it into the shape of a ring as best as you can, and then lick one of the fingers on your left hand, and allow the moisture to shape the powder into a ring, by shaping the edges, and removing any excess powder. Presentation- Casually point out to your audience that, where you used to wear a ring all the time, you have an embarrassing tan line. Don’t draw too much attention though, as it would look unnatural, and would draw suspicion. Then, to create the first illusion, of the ring jumping to the first finger, and then back again, you’re going to perform the old “flyaway birdie move”. If you’re not familiar with it, all you do is extend your first two fingers, quickly bring your hand up, and as you’re bringing it down again, keep your middle finger extended, but bring in your first finger, and extend your ring finger. Hold this position for just a second or two, and then reverse the actions, making it appear as if the tan jumped from your middle finger, to the first, and back again. Now, for the second part of the illusion. With your left hand, reach over, and just like you’re taking off a real ring, take off the tan line. All you do is secretly rub the powder off as you pretend to remove the ring. A great convincer is to hold your hand exactly as you would if you were holding onto a real ring. Now, reach under your shirt (or wherever you put the tan line), and begin rubbing. After a few seconds, lift your shirt and show them that you have moved the tan line. Allow them to examine it, and to see that it is real and can’t be removed.